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People-based Marketing



Successful Digital Marketing Strategies in a Privacy-First Era


About People-Based Marketing

As an evolution of data-driven marketing, people-based marketing represents the next level in digital marketing. It replaces channel-specific campaigns, breaks up siloed data, and heals inconsistent customer experiences. Furthermore, it focuses entirely on the person, builds trust and creates a true relationship with a customer in a privacy-first era. Using a comprehensive user profile and appropriate MarTech like customer data platforms it delivers the right message to the right person at the right time.

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About The Book

In the book "From Data-Driven to People-based marketing", Marco Hassler shows in a practical way how people-based marketing is introduced step by step: From the collection of user data, the identification of the user across all channels in a challenging privacy-first era, the MarTech stack required, to the design of micro-moment journeys and entire marketing programs – all the necessary steps are explained in detail. The conclusion is measuring and increasing of success of people-based marketing that brings marketing to the next level: marketing on steroids in a privacy-first era.

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Inside the Book

The building blocks of people-based marketing


Customer Centricity

What would people-based marketing be without customer centricity? It would hardly do justice to the term "people-based" at any rate. But personas and customer journeys alone are no longer enough: only micro-moment journeys meet the requirement of hyper-personalization, in which the journeys are highly individualized and users move around more like on the network of public transport and can get on, off, or change trains or buses at every stop.

First-Party Data

Data is the foundation in data-driven marketing. But people-based marketing goes further and requires end-to-end recognition of users across all channels and devices. A first-party data strategy is therefore necessary to overcome or at least mitigate the challenges of the channel gap, the device gap and the consent gap and build a future-proof Brand Garden for identified users.

Marketing Technology

Only the appropriate marketing technology enables the realization of all these requirements. Private Identity Graphs and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are at the core of the solution. However, a complete marketing architecture and a corresponding technology strategy are needed to bring data and activation together by an intelligent orchestration.

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Take a Look Inside!

Download the table of contents and an excerpt of the book

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About the Author

Marco Hassler works as a Senior Principal Consultant at Merkle, a leading customer engagement agency. He advises large companies on marketing technologies and the use of data for more successful marketing. He has been working in the digital environment for over 20 years and was co-owner of the digital agency Namics. He specializes in topics such as digital analytics, marketing automation, customer experience or digital marketing and is also known as a book author, expert speaker and university lecturer on these topics.

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